We are created with the    Muse Score!!

What is Muse Score??

Muse Score とは?

Muse Scoreとは何か? ――ひとことでいうと、私たちが使っている無料の楽譜作成ソフトです。

楽譜作成ソフトに難しいイメージをお持ちの方も多いでしょう。ところがこのMuse Scoreは例外です。すこしでも興味のある方はあきらめずに始めてみましょう!使ってみれば「いかに簡単であるか」がわかります。


What is Muse Score? - Simply put, it is a free music creation software that we are using.


People who have a difficult image to music creation software would be many. But Muse Score is the exception. Let's start to not give up if you are interested even a little! If you use you will see "how easy".

How to use has been written in order below. Please refer to it.

How do you use Muse Score??

Muse Scoreの使い方